What to Expect in our Online Classes

At Simon Says Inspire, we offer online classes for a range of students.  Our primary goal is to give your student an educational experience in a positive, encouraging environment that inspires their love of learning.  Numerous people have been attributed with coining the phrase, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”  Here at Simon Says Inspire, we believe that students need the opportunity to know just how much they matter.  If a teacher focuses on building a relationship with the student, learning and confidence grow at a far greater pace then when each are separated by their roles.  Content and knowledge need to be learned, but confidence is a trait that inspires lifelong learning. Whether your student is a seasoned online student or new to the endeavor, we will do our best to make it a personalized, positive experience.

  • Classes meet live for 90 minutes each week. 

  • While it is understood that students may need to occasionally miss a class, participation in the live class is strongly recommended as learning and individual investment grows with class participation.

  • All classes will be recorded and posted on the weekly class page.  This is useful for students who may miss a live class, as well as for those needing to review the week's teaching.


  • A microphone is required for classes, and a camera is suggested. When the students are given the opportunity to occasionally come on camera, it builds community within the class.  The name becomes a real person and participation grows as students form relationships with each other.  All classes are recorded for students to access, and though they are not posted publicly, it is understood that some families prefer not to have their student on camera.  In this situation, it might be considered to have students come on camera prior to the start of each class's recording while only students live in the classroom are present.

  • Looking to sign into class pages?  Sign into PowerSchool HERE