Philosophy on Education

We are each wonderfully made!  We have been created for a purpose and are perfectly equipped to complete the works set before us. 


Unfortunately, if we approach learning as society tells us we should, the expectation is that every student should perform at the same pace and with the same results.  This allows no room for the individual giftings that each student has.  Not all students learn the same way or at the same speed, but all students are equipped learn all that they need to know.  A challenge arises when expectations placed on the student don't match their ability at the time.  The hope is that those challenges grow students, but with constant repetition, they can also cause frustration and discouragement. When success is only concerned with comparing students to each other, the majority will not measure up.  However, if we recognize the strengths of each student, and help them find ways to compensate for and strengthen their weaknesses, they will also gain confidence and a love of learning.  Simon Says Inspire strives to challenge each student to rise to the best of their ability, while working in a community of learners who are encouraged to achieve their best, and help classmates to do so at the same time. Students who are confident in their abilities, know how to work around their weaknesses, enjoy learning, and can think independently will be equipped to tackle whatever challenges are presented to them.