Homework & Grading

Students will be given homework to complete throughout the week between live classes.  Elementary students can anticipate an average of two hours of homework per week.  Middle school students can anticipate between two and three hours of homework per week. Work is submitted for teacher review and grading.

*Homework time may vary based on student's reading speed

While grades are important, they are not always a true reflection of the student and their abilities.  Simon Says Inspire believes that inspiring students to learn and feel successful doing so is far more important than just getting a good grade.  Grading will be based on the students best efforts and improvements throughout the  class, rather than in comparison to other students.  Approaching grading in this way allows the teacher flexibility to challenge the most advanced learner, while encouraging the struggling one, all while building community in the classroom with learners of all levels.  With less emphasis on grades and more on learning, students build a relationship with the teacher who becomes a mentor, rather than simply an authority figure.

*Though grades are offered by teachers, it is always the parent's final decision as to what grade to award to the student. As much as we seek to know your student individually, parents have the best understanding of their student's true abilities.