Please note that there is a suggested grade level for all classes.  While there is some flexibility in these, bear in mind that at different developmental levels, students are able to learn at different speeds.  While the material may be suitable for many ages, the pace of the class and the workload expected may not be suitable for students younger than the recommended ages.

Literature Classes

Animal Antics I & II

grades 3 - 5

Tuesdays, 9am EST

Fall Semester and/or Spring Semester


Do you have an animal lover in your midst?  These classes are a great introduction to online literature classes for your younger student.  Young students (and let’s be honest, adults as well) love stories about animals. These novels will delve into a fun and exciting world of fictional animals and their many adventures! 

These courses provides young students who are fluid readers with some wonderful classic stories about our four-footed friends. Students will discuss literature and learn about various elements of stories while gaining understanding of the animal world in fiction. Basic writing and narration skills will be used in reflective response journal entries weekly.  Choose one or both classes.


Course texts include, but are not limited to Misty of Chincoteague, Poppy, Owls in the Family, Rascal, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Charlotte's Web, Mouse and the Motorcycle

Available Fall 2019

Survival & Adventure

grades 5-7

Fridays, 9am, EST

Spring Semester

Do you have a student who would rather be building forts and hiking mountains than reading a book?  Do you wish that this same student would be inspired to read more or that you could begin to introduce elements of literary discussion and techniques in a manner that would be engaging for this same student?  Your solution is readily available!  Survival and Adventure class will offer exciting reading, thoughtful discussion and challenging projects.  Elements of literary analysis will be introduced, along with a vocabulary and writing assignments, all of which are based on engaging topics found in the adventurous books we will read. 

Course texts include but are not limited to:  My Side of the Mountain, Hatchet, The Cay, Lost on a Mountain in Maine

Whodunit?  Mysteries & More

grades 7-8

Wednesdays, 11am, EST

Full Year

Is Clue your favorite board game?  Do you wish that you could participate in an Escape Room adventure?  Are you always searching for a mystery that might need solving?  This is the class for you!  Not only will we read engaging books, some of which will lead you to other great books in a series, but we will solve a few mysteries of our own as we learn about and employ critical thinking and logic skills.  Along with standard language arts activities that will develop your writing and research skills, we will also learn about the background within the story (did you know that the Pinkerton Detective Agency was real, and not just made up for a book that we are going to read?) or other related information.  Here is your opportunity to participate with others equally interested in mysteries while taking a great literature-based class.

*Due to often-controversial content found in Young Adult literature, we will be reading many books from Juvenile Literature selections.  Despite the easier reading level of books (primarily 5th -8th grade), the workload will be of an upper middle school/lower high school level.

Texts for this class include but are not limited to The Westing Game, The Detective's Assistant, Framed!, The Adventures of Jack Lime, Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library, Eye of the Crowe: THe Boy Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare's Secret, Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars, And Then There Were None, as well as Basics of Critical Thinking (students do not need to purchase this text)

Foundation Classes

Foundations of Reading & Comprehension

grades 6 and up

Thursdays, 9am, EST

Fall Semester

In a world of instant, short-term entertainment and facts, the skills of focus and comprehension can be lost.  Regardless of the amount of time your student spends on a screen or how much reading is enjoyed, comprehension is a skill that must be both taught and practiced.  Though the primary focus of this class will be on reading comprehension, we will use a variety of tools to learn how to recognize and process the information that is provided to us through both visual (print and video) and auditory (audio books and lectures) sources.  This class will utilize a wide range of reading assignments, practice activities, online assessments, and in-class discussions.  This class is an ideal complement to full year English or Literature classes as the workload is supplemental, rather than intensive.  Students will be expected to maintain a binder that will be added to throughout the semester and result in a thorough reference for their future studies.

There are no required texts for this course although occasionally supplies such as highlighters, colored pencils and small sticky notes are required.

Foundations of Grammar

grades 6 and up

Fridays, 9am, EST

Fall Semester

Grammar can seem totally overwhelming or useless to students, but an understanding of it increases their comprehension in reading and gives a clarity to their writing.  As confusing as grammar may seem, this class presents it in a straightforward, easily understood manner that builds students' confidence and understanding.  Students will gain a strong foundation of parts of speech, parts of a sentence, phrases, and clauses in an encouraging environment that does not make learning grammar a torturous experience.

Texts for this class to be announced

Foundations of Writing

grades 6 and up

Thursdays, 9am, EST

Spring Semester

Writing does not need to be the daunting, tortuous task so many students view it as.  Whether due to gaps in their learning or the need of a review, this class will give students a simple, straight-forward approach to writing a solid essay.  Beginning with a review of grammar and sentence structure, we will move on to well-written paragraphs and thesis statements.  Utilizing the skills of outlines and rough drafts, the writing process will be taught in a thorough manner that makes sense and presents a “formula for writing.”  Through on-line assessments, weekly writing assignments and in-class lectures and activities, by the end of class, students will gain a solid grasp of how to craft an organized, thorough essay that reflects their thoughts in a clear, concise manner.  Students will be compiling and maintaining a binder throughout class that will serve as a reference both for this class and future writing endeavors. 

There are no required texts for this course though students are required to keep a binder of work and handouts.

English Classes

English A

grade 5

Tuesdays, 11am EST

Full Year


English A is a comprehensive course that will cover basic grammar, the foundations of writing, and literature from the time period of the Ancients, including Greek mythology and Aesop’s fables. Using exciting literature of the time period, we will delve into literary analysis, as well as get our feet wet in the ancient writings that still influence our culture today. Through online assessments, writing, discussion and projects, your student will experience a full year of English that can stand alone but also pairs well with The Mystery of History I.

Course texts include but are not limited to D'aulaires Book of Greek Myths, Adara, A Place in the Sun, The Bronze Bow, Aesop's Fables, The Odyssey for Boys and Girls

Available Fall 2019

English B

grade 6

Wednesdays, 9am EST

Full Year


English B is a comprehensive course that will cover grammar, foundations of writing, and literature from the time period of the Early Church and the Middle Ages. This well-rounded course will continue to develop foundations of good writing, as introduced in English A. Using exciting literature of the time period, we will develop literary analysis skills, as well as consider some of the classic works of the Middle Ages. Through online assessments, writing, discussion and projects, your student will experience a full year of English that can stand alone but also pairs well with The Mystery of History II.  English A is not a prerequisite to English B, though grade appropriate levels should be considered. 

Course texts include but are not limited to The Pirates of Pompeii, Parzival, The Sword, the Ring, and the Parchment, Crispin the Cross of Lead, King Arthur and His Knights

Art Classes

13 Art Techniques Everyone Should Know

grades 5-12

Fridays, 11am, EST

Fall Semester

Do you have a student that loves to create art?  Perhaps your student thinks art is the most ridiculous, boring subject in the world.  Either way, there are lots of art techniques that can open the door to creativity for the artist and non-artist alike.  Using the book “13 Art Techniques Children Should Know,” we will explore a myriad of mediums, techniques and hands-on projects that will bring art to life in a fun, interactive way.  We are created by the most amazing artist ever, and each of us is made in his image, so that means we are artists!  Working from this belief, we will approach art in an encouraging, explorative manner that will increase the knowledge and skills of the most enthusiastic artist, as well as help the most reluctant artist find a creative outlet that brings joy. Join us as we look at, learn about, and experiment with a variety of art techniques that will cause you to never look at art the same way again! 

Class text is 13 Art Techniques Every Child Should Know by Angela Wenzel

Materials list can be found HERE

Discovering Art Through Children's Literature

grades 5 -12

Friday's 11am, EST

Spring Semester

We all had favorite picture books as a child, and if we are asked about it, we would probably share the story that it contained.  However, if you close our eyes, you can probably picture an illustration from that book that brings the story to life for you.  Was it the cartoon-like characters, the intricate borders, or perhaps the collage creations that captivated you?  Perhaps it was the life-like paintings or the photographs that stuck with you.  So often, we overlook the art of illustrations, yet it is what draws us to a book.  In this class, we will be looking a bit more closely at how art is used in children’s literature and why it should be considered.  In Discovering Art Through Children’s Literature, we will explore the variety of techniques employed by illustrators, discover other famous works that utilize those techniques and create with those same techniques.  Using a fun, hands-on approach, we will consider and create art from a fun, exciting and thoughtful realm that will improve your artistic skills, challenge your imagination, and help you see art in a whole new light.  A wonderful class for artists and non-artists alike!

There is no text needed for this class

Materials list can be found HERE

Art – What’s it All About?

grades 5 and up

Thursdays, 1pm, EST

Full Year

Pablo Picasso is quoted as saying, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”  Given that we are created in the image of the greatest artist ever, it is certain that we were each meant to see and express the beauty around us.  Too often, we get bogged down by the “dust of daily life” and forget to view the art that surrounds us.  Whether in the natural world, man-made design or fine art, the Elements of Art and Principles of Design, help us to understand and view the world in a refreshing way that allow us to shake off that dust.  Using both a lecture and hands-on approach, each student will be encouraged to consider art with a new outlook as we study different elements and principles weekly, such as color, line, texture, value, perspective, unity, shape, and many other aspects that influence art.  Whether a born artist, or fulfilling a needed credit requirement, students will be encouraged to find their own creative outlet, as well as to view art with a new-found sense of understanding and clarity as we consider famous and less known art compositions.  Realizing that all skills improve with practice, art assignments are given with the expectation that students will improve as they progress through class.  Encouragement is stressed and the expectation of perfection is discredited as each student gains in their ability and self-confidence.  If your desire is to understand what goes into creating pleasing art and visual designs, as well as improve your artistic skills, this class is for you!

Materials for this class to be announced

Closed for 2018/2019
Paint Colors

Brush Up!  Painting Techniques for the Focused Student

grades 7 and up

Thursdays, 1pm, EST

Full Year


Age is not a determinant of ability, but focus and attention can be.  If your student loves to paint, is interested in learning more about painting styles, techniques and types of paint, and has an ability to focus and work independently, then this may be the next step to their art education.  Through class lecture, demonstrations, and at-home assignments, your student will discover different types of paint and the techniques that can be accomplished with each, color blending and theories, and composition planning, all while developing their abilities and skills with paint.

For the serious art student, this in-depth class will offer a greater understanding of painting, both all that it requires, as well as a brief history of what has been achieved with it.  Paints that will be used in class include acrylics, watercolors, and gouache.  Though not used, oil paints will be discussed.

Text Book:  Compendium of Acrylic Painting Techniques by Gill Barron

Materials for this class will be announced