Art in a Multi-Age Class

We are created by the most amazing artist ever, and each of us is made in His image, which means we are artists!  Working from this belief, Simon Says Inspire seeks to approach art in an encouraging, explorative manner that will increase the knowledge and skills of the most enthusiastic artist, as well as help the most reluctant artist find a creative outlet that brings joy.  Since art is a process-based subject, there is not a set foundation of skills needed to begin studying art, only a desire to learn and a willingness to try.  Our artistic skills, like so many in life, improve with exposure and practice.  Working with this philosophy, it is our belief that students of multiple ages can successfully participate in the same classes, regardless of their abilities.  Each art class offered at Simon Says Inspire introduces the information and skills needed for students to gain knowledge and grow their artistic skills. What students do with that knowledge will be an individual process, and they will be graded based on that.  Each student is expected to do their individual best and to improve throughout the course of the class.  For some students the starting level will be minimal, and they will gain from exposure to more advanced student’s work.  Advanced students will continue to develop their skills, while they set an example to less-experienced students.  Through dialogue, critique, and encouragement, each artist will contribute to their own and their classmates’ growth in skills and perspective.